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Conventional bicycle tires are not designed for electric-bike; e-bikes are higher powered, deliver greater torque and are much heavierthan conventional bikes. Acentia's e-COMODO tire incorporates features specifically designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of this special category of bikes. Please read through its feature sets for further explanation.

  • UTC Rubber Compound
  • 27 TPI Casing w/Reflective Tape
  • Steel or Folding Bead
  • 26 x 2.10"
  • 700 x 42C
  • Anti-Slipping

    Additional material extended from the bead that when inflated, the air pressure pushes the material onto the inner sidewall of the rim thereby increasing surface friction between the tire and the rim, helps to minimize tireslipping.
    Groove with Chamfered Verge Tread pattern with unique chamfered grooves that quickly guides water away from the tread's contact surface.

  • Anti Pinch Flat

    Specially shaped material added onto the lower external and internal side of the tire sidewall to "cushion" the impact and prevent the inner tube being pinched between the edge of the rim and the object causing the impact.

  • Anti-Roll Off

    Specially shaped material incorporated onto the internal side of the tire's lower sidewall allows the tire to compress normally under load, but beyond a certain threshold act as "bumpers" to prevent further compression - further compression that can cause the tire to roll off the rim.

  • Kevlar belt

    The same Kevlar material that's used on bullet-proof vests is applied underneath the rubber tread to act as a barrier for maximum puncture resistance.

  • Unique Tire Profile

    Even the e COMODO's tire profile is unique. Designed for better stability, a lower profile casing is matched to a wider tread increasing the tread to surface contact for greater stability; the lower tire height keeps the rider's center of gravity low which also enhances stability.

  • Wear Indicator

    Holes placed in the tread to quickly show amount of tread wear/useful tread life left - when the hole disappears, it's time to change the tire!