+ PneuMax 100 PSI Casing
+ UTC Traction Compound
+ Steel Bead
+ 20 x 2.25”: Steel - 670g   23.63 oz

Sleek and fast rolling where you want it
traction and grip when you need it.

Its smooth and rounded tread profile rolls more efficiently and precisely in wider range of turning angles.  Unique GripPod tread clusters grip with applied pressure, and when combined with deep angular grooves, the tread provides exceptional cornering traction that’s not only felt, but heard!  The SPECTR is versatility, redefined.



(Patent Pending)

Small cornering knobs encased within a “pod” enable a pressure sensitive traction system that activates with applied pressure – the more you lean, the more it grips – while retaining the tire’s smooth and ultra-low profile.