27.5 x 2.35”


+ Multi-angled Bevel Edge Knobs
+ Serrated Tread Structures
+ Magnum120 TPI Casing
+ Synergy Dual Compound
+ Tubeless-Ready
+ 810g
+ Optimized for 30 - 35mm I.D. rims

smoothness & predictability with added traction feature

The GLIDE_G3TT is an all-mountain tire designed for smoothness and predictability with added traction features for technical riding on hardpack, loose over hardpack, or rocky terrains. UTILIZING Multi-angled and strategically position knobs along with MAGNUM120 CASING and SYNERGY DUAL COMPOUND makes this tire truly unique and distinctly different from all other tires available. Scroll down to learn more.

What’s different

Multi-angled leading edge ramps on all knobs enhance the tread’s roll-over characteristics on rough terrains, allowing smoother, faster rolling through corners and straightaways.

Center knobs feature Serrated Tread Structure strategically applied to increase traction capabilities. Combined with additional siping, the G3TT amps up its gripping prowess to take on more technically challenging terrains.

Knobs that won’t buckle under hard braking. The reversal of directional forces during braking transforms the beveled ramp into reinforcement for the knob’s braking edge, preventing the knob from folding under pressure to provide unparalleled braking control.

Knobs designed to balance stability with surface compliance. Each knob is molded with a solid base foundation, featuring deep grooves, and wrapped in a more pliable rubber compound, all collectively working to enhance surface adhesion. The combination of better surface adhesion and solid knob base significantly reduces undesirable skidding for more stable rolling.

The Construction

EDGE 22 utilizes Tioga’s MAGNUM 120 casing, a densely woven 120TPI casing, reinforced with a thin bead-to-bead protection layer to balance sidewall suppleness and casing conformity with ample durability for front tire use.

Synergy Dual Compound Rubber places softer rubber on the sides to further increase surface friction on the outmost knobs, while the harder rubber in the central zone lowers rolling resistance and increases tread life.