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fastr x BLK LBL

+ CYLEX 120 TPI Ultralight Casing
+ PneuMax 110 PSI High-Pressure Coating
+ AvntGUARD Cut Protection Layer
+ UTC Rubber Compound
+ Folding Bead
+ 20 x 1.85 (O.D. 515mm): 370g 13.05 oz
+ 20x1.75 (O.D. 507mm): 335g 11.82oz
+ 20x1.60 (O.D. 494mm): 325g 11.46 oz

fastr-x S-Spec

+ CYLEX 120 TPI Ultralight Casing
+ UTC Rubber Compound
+ Folding Bead
+ 20 x 1.75 (O.D. 507mm): 300g 10.58 oz
+ 20 x 1.60 (O.D. 494mm): 280g 9.88 oz
+ 20 x 1-3/8 (O.D. 530mm): 270g 9.52 oz
+ 20 x 1-1/8 (O.D. 516mm): 225g 7.93 oz


+ 60 TPI Casing
+ UTC Rubber Compound
+ Steel Bead
+ 24 x 1.75 (O.D. 610mm): 450g 15.87oz
+ 20 x 1.85 (O.D. 515mm): 385g 13.58oz
+ 20 x 1.75 (O.D. 507mm): 340g 12.00oz
+ 20 x 1.60 (O.D. 494mm): 325g 11.46oz
+ 20 x 1-3/8 (O.D. 530mm): 350g 12.35oz
+ 20 x 1-1/8 (O.D. 516mm): 330g 11.64oz

The FASTR-X is our most versatile
race tire to date.

Increased strategical placement of Grip-Pods matched to multi-facet Nano Knobs on shoulder and sides, capped off with friction enhancing chemical etching over the central tread, FASTR-X strikes the rarefied balance of speed and control like none before.



(Patent Pending)

Pressure-sensitive traction system featuring sticky bristle knobs encased within a recess enabling an ultra-low tread profile with traction coming alive through applied force. GRIP-PODS activate automatically with natural riding motion for on-demand traction with minimal disruption to forward momentum.


Special chemical surface etching applied to center tread creates fine surface texture that enhance traction on wider variety of track surfaces.


Nano knobs in varying angles, shapes, and sizes strategicallyintegrated within the outer tread zones provide additionaltraction on track surfaces with loose fine grains.


LK LBL starts with the same CYLEX 120 TPI casing found on S-Spec tires and adds AvntGUARD, a special bead-to-bead membrane applied within the casing for enhanced cut and abrasion protection while retaining the tire’s buttery smooth suppleness.  Special PneuMax coating inside the tire accepts high-pressures up to 110 PSI.  Lightweight folding bead only. 


S-Spec tires utilize Tioga’s ultra-lightweight CYLEX 120 TPI casing.
Feather light and super supple, S-Spec tires conform better to track surfaces for buttery smooth runs.
Lightweight folding bead only.

Which FASTR is best for me?

All models in the FASTR Series are interchangeable.  We developed three extraordinary models, each offering unique individual features, all designed to transfer your power and technique more efficiently into a faster lap.  We did the research so you may find what’s best for you.

Some examples:

Speed Demons:

On longer tracks with high starting hill where top speed is paramount and track conditions are top notch, there’s no better combo than FASTR front and rear.


Shorter tracks with lower starting hills where instant bursts of speed are essential, FASTR front and FASTR REACT rear strikes the supreme balance of quickness and control.

Control Freaks:

Riders who like taking assertive lines and demand more control of the bike will be blissfully rewarded with FASTR REACT front and rear.


Go from local tracks to Nationals to SX, ride aggressive and tactical as needed, the FASTR-X front and rear offers versatility with minimal disruption to your momentum like no other.